The following is a list of CD's featuring LUBOMYR MELNYK. Titles with the symbol (#) mean that this title is also available as LP (#) - or Cassette (##) ------- this list has been updated: November,2003

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The Song of Galadriel: continuous music for solo piano(#)

SWALLOWS- for String Quartet and Piano (##)

The Stone Knight -- music for solo and double pianos(##)
--- concert performance recorded for Nord Deutch Radio in Köln

-NICHE / NOURISH / NICHE-XON - continuous music for 2 pianos

The Remnants Of A Man , THE FOUNTAIN ñ for 2 pianos

The Voice of Trees: for 2 pianos and 3 tubas (##)

It Was Revealed Unto Us That Man Is The Centre Of The Universe for String Trio and piano (1993) (##)

VOCALIZES and ANTIPHONS: 2 pieces for solo piano and 3 Antiphons for Piano and String Quartet

POSLANIYE: Tone Poem for Soprano, Piano, and Ensemble.

of Ivano-Frankiwsk, Ukraina.
Directed and Recorded by Lubomyr Melnyk.
-ISLANDS- and WAVE-LOX: music for solo and double piano

•  OTHER titles on LP ONLY:

  1. LYRREST: music for 2 pianos and 2 violas , with Douglas Perry, violas ñ 96 minutes. - Double-LP Set , rare special-edition recording (melodic) $24.00 /US) (also on double-cassette , $18.00)
  2. CONCERT-REQUIEM for Violin and Piano, and - ISLANDS- : for solo piano - -single LP, 1983, $15./US (also on Cassette, $12.00)
  3. The LUND-St:PETRI Symphony for single and double-piano (no orchestra) DOUBLE.LP , $20.00 /US (also on 90.min Cassette, $15.)
  4. POSLANIYE: tone-poem for soprano , piano and ensemble

THE VOICE OF TREES is a major-length work (65 minutes) for 3 tubas and 2 pianos created by one of the century's most fascinating composers. It is of particular interest because of the remarkable playing by the brilliant British tuba-ist, Melvyn Poore. --- he elevates the Tuba to a solo instrument , as beautiful and evocative as the Horn or trumpet!

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